Alexander Monastirli

Alexander Monastirli is an exceptional talent of some note. Having had a successful career far removed from the art world for many years, having passed his 50th birthday he realises that in the pursuit of happiness he must follow his passion to paint. His work covers many genres, and is being widely exhibited. His distinctive style is a wonder — the accuracy of the lines, the distinctive sense of colour harmony and proportion. These talents remained hidden for some time, as it is only recently that Monastirli has begun to draw.

His artistic taste was formed gradually, with much of his childhood spent visiting the world class art museums of his home town in St. Petersburg.  When he was older he travelled extensively. He finds great interest in studying the works of the artists that are dear to him, and regards the artists Nicolas de Staёl, Matisse, Picasso with special reverence.

Moreover, the artist finds themes in the most ordinary phenomena of life. It is valuable that in the works there is an unintentional randomness of the composition, one can see the desire for the authenticity of sensations. This is captured in the blurring of the outlines of objects and human figures — the world exists in the flow of time and vital vibrations. Air, earth, and water in the landscapes are captured by bold ragged strokes, almost physically tangible. The awkwardness of the technique is imaginary, the tricks hit the target — this is an unbiased freshness of the impression.

Whilst Alexander has only been painting for three years, he has already managed to impress professionals and critics of his competence.  Most notably, he was recognized and awarded at a prestigious competitive exhibition by The St. Petersburg Union of Artists.

Natalya Vatenina